If country and punk music got a little too drunk & cozy one night and had some bastard love children… those kids would be called Them Som’Bitches.

A good timin’ band with a bit of a tongue and cheek approach, Them Som’Bitches perform original outlaw country tunes with a batch of blues and rock covers and a few random surprises thrown in for kicks. They want you to have fun and dance, with some cheer in your beer & scoot in your boots!

The band formed in 2010, in Rock Island, IL., out of love for the outlaw/traditional country music from the good ole days. Founding members Lonesome Jones (vocals & acoustic guitar) and Paul “The Sheriff” Blomquist (drums) soon got help from their buddies Matt “Reverend” Carter (lead guitar) and Nicholas “Nick-Nack” Eyre (bass guitar) to fill out their sound.

Playin’ with artists like Whitey Morgan & The 78’s, Sturgill Simpson, Jonny Corndawg, Chelsea Crowell, Goldenboy, and Rachel Brooke, while also holding the stage on their own, Them Som’Bitches are out there tryin’ to make new fans and meet new friends.

Lonesome Jones++++++++++++++++++++++++Guitar, Vocals, 3rd Shift

Paul “Sheriff” Blomquist  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Drums, Law & Order

Matt “Reverend” Carter++++++++++++++++++++++Lead Guitar, Beer Disposal

Nicholas “Nick-Nack” Eyre ++++++++++++++++Bass, Cracker Jack Of All Trades